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Anne Rivers Siddons is author of sixteen New York Times bestselling novels, including Sweetwater Creek, Islands, Nora Nora, Low Country, Up Island, Fault Lines, Downtown, Hill Towns, Colony, Outer Banks, King’s Oak, Peachtree Road, Homeplace, Fox’s Earth, The House Next Door, and Heartbreak Hotel. She is also the author of a work of nonfiction, John Chancellor Makes Me Cry. She and her husband, Heyward, split their time between their homes in Charleston, South Carolina, and Brooklin, Maine.

The House Next Door The house next door to Colquitt and Walter Kennedy is haunted by an all-pervasive evil — an evil that takes away whatever the occupants hold dearest. Colquitt and Walter are about to become witness to…
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The House
Next Door
Peachtree Road
On the day that Lucy Bondurant comes to live with her cousin, Sheppard Bondurant III, in the sprawling home on Peachtree Road, she is five and he is seven. But before that first day is over, she has taught him “two things that altered almost grotesquely the landscape and weather of my small life. I learned that not all women wept in the nights after the act of love. And I learned…
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Peachtree Road

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