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Cassandra King - The Sunday Wife

Dean and her husband, the Reverend Ben Lynch, have arrived in Crystal Springs, Florida. Ben is ecstatic because he believes he is finally working his way up the ecclesiastical ladder with this wealthy Methodist church once ministered by his idol. Dean is hesitant, feeling her low-class roots more than ever, no thanks to Ben’s constant reminders. As he sets out to ingratiate himself, she deals with such concrete matters as helping with church functions, never really fitting in until she meets Augusta Holderfield, a vivacious character who could have stepped straight out of a Truman Capote novel. The community doesn’t exactly approve of Augusta, but she is the cream of society, and she takes Dean under her wing even though she doesn’t belong to the church. With Ben’s initial encouragement, Dean and Augusta become true friends as Augusta admires Dean for her musical abilities and encourages her to free herself from her church-wife existence and explore her own desires. Eventually, Ben and Augusta become opposing forces in Dean’s life as she learns to live more fully, and have dreams of her own instead of always submitting to Ben’s passive-aggressive behavior. Then, when tragedy strikes, Dean learns what is real and what she truly believes in. King, author Pat Conroy’s wife, captures the redolence of the South and the trickiness of Bible-belt society in an impressive debut. Patty Engelmann Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved.

Cassandra and her husband, novelist Pat Conroy live on Fripp Island, South Carolina.

The Sunday Wife

The Sunday Wife

  • Hardback — 351 pages
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