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Thomas H. Cook – The Orchids

With surgical precision, The Orchids dissects the cultural and moral climate of Germany during the rise and dominance of the Third Reich. In a novel of rare and memorable power, Thomas Cook lays bare the soul of a man with no politics who walked step by small step into the very center of evil, the Camp where the only god was the god of Death.

“This is just the Camp,” Langhof said. “It is not the whole world.”
“Rausch laughed. “I’m afraid you are quite wrong, Doctor. The people, the vermin, how do you think they get here? Do you think they simple show up with their baggage at the Camp gate?” He shook his head. “They come by train, my dear doctor, and there are lots of little men who run the trains. They know what’s on them, but they make the run anyway. Then there are the people who make the flags and the bugles and the boots…All the little people who do the million tasks that allow the New Order to reproduce itself each day. They are here with us. Not soldiers. Certainly not Special Section…No, Langhof, the Camp is not a cancer that can be surgically removed. It is the center of a spider’s web and its strands stretch everywhere, to everyone.”

The Orchids

The Orchids

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